Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm Done

Just wanted to say for those of you that keep coming here occasionally to see if i may have posted something on a whim that i will probably not continue with this blog.

As it stands right now i am working a lot and i am maintaining the bear tanking spreadsheet. I just dont have a lot of time for writing out full blog posts. I would encourage anyone coming here to keep tabs on for bear news as well as join in the discussions on the tanking or Druid forums as that is where i have taken to posting my ramblings when i feel the need.

Also feel free to check out the two projects that are mine atm, the tanking movement guide and the bear tanking spreadsheet.

So i bid you adu, and you can stop checking this blog now and take me off your feed reader.

I had fun writing almost everything but this phase in my life is over.

PS. im still playing, and i am still open to helping anyone out with any questions that they may have if you contact me in game.

Jey, Darkspear-US

Monday, April 25, 2011

Patch 4.1

So patch 4.1 is deemed to be coming out tomorrow and i thought i would talk about some of the stuff happening.

For druids:

Ferals are seeing a few quality of life changes and a few straight up buffs

the physical damage increase from enrage is being removed so you can now use it more often than just before a pull. This also makes it viable to get king of the jungle in a tanking spec.

The cooldown on swipe is being cut in half and thrash is no longer affected by the bug that causes its bleed to be mitigated by armor.

The bonus threat that was on FFF, lacerate, swipe, and maul have all been taken away and converted to damage. This change changes the scaling on our abilities so that we should now be using thrash and FFF during our single target. This means that you can take the two points out of feral aggression for the instant lacerate 3 stack and the extra point that most people put into stampede into king of the jungle.

For our resto brethren we are seeing a buff to effloresence (spelling?) and the removal of the pushback while casting tranq. This means no more having to save barkskin if you want a full tranq to go off when you are taking damage, nice buff for everyone.

The new content coming out that you no doubt already know about is the new ZA and ZG raids being made into 5 mans. The new instances have retarded amount of new gear and you are now able to get full epics for a feral set from those instances i think.

There has been a conversion of VP to CP at 1:1 in lots of 250 which will allow all non pvp inclined ferals to now get their BIS tanking relic from the PvP vendor. For DPS its still the golganoth relic for you but for tanking the vicious is the best relic you can get. (if you want me to go over that in more detail i can)

But obviously the biggest thing getting attention all around the forums and blogosphere is the introduction of the Call to Arms feature in the RDF. This is the feature intended to increase tanks and to a smaller extent healers in the RDF and decrease queue times for DPS. I want to do a write up on this but i want to see the guaranteed rewards first and do a couple as a dps to see how big a dif it is making with tank quality being a factor.

Also i want to get a video out quickly of the new instances and their associated boss strategies for those people who want a runthrough of those but i will probably have to wait a day or two to get it recorded cause i would prefer a guild group, or mostly guild.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nefarian Strategy Guide

I have posted my video, it was actually a few days ago and so i decided to stop putting it off.

the video can be seen HERE.

I was going to embed it but the way the blog is formatted cuts some of the video off

lastly, I was experimenting with masking and some other stuff and some of it has errors that I am aware of, I know how to fix it now, and will for future, but I'm not changing it on this one.

Let me know what you think, i will get responses here faster but feel free to leave feedback on the video too. I am looking to improve them so i wont take offence to criticism but try and be constructive.

Friday, April 15, 2011

video update

just a quick update on the video

i have all the audio ready to go, the background music is looped properly and the voiceovers are done now.

i just have to do the editing to make the highlights and things match up with the audio

on a side note the voiceovers took a lot longer to do ( like actually do not just get time to do) and so i ran into exams and had to take a break.

i hope to have it done *crosses fingers* by the end of the weekend

Edit: given that nothing has gone wrong with my second attempt at rendering, the video is now done. I will hopefully be able to upload it tonight and will post it on the front page tomorrow afternoon as i have an exam in the morning. If you want to check it out before i get around to posting it on the blog my youtube account is JeyHK.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Empty Promises and Bad Excuses

So i realize that this will be the third time that i have said this but i plan on working on a video tonight. I have made three really bad excuses for not doing it and i feel as though its time to just man up and do it.

I originally told myself that i did not have the time to do them and that is def not true, i just have to make the time to do them.

I then said that i didn't have anything recorded that would be a good fight to explain but i def did.

And finally i thought that i would wait until i got new fights recorded since i had just redone my UI.

Well i now have have H chimeron, H Halfus, and Nefarian recorded with my new UI and they are pretty interesting fights to explain so i throw it out to anyone still reading this.

My guild has been ultimately useless in helping me decide which fight to do a video for and so the first comment (if there is one) that has a fight name in it (options are the three above) before i sit down later to start is the fight that i will do, no need to justify it, can be completely selfish and self serving reasons i dont care. If there is no comment i will decide for myself and once i start making the video i will not switch so comment quickly.

I will also keep you posted on any additional fights that i have recorded as I finish each video so that you can weigh in again if you like.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Strat Videos

So last night i decided that i was going to actually sit down and start working on some strategy videos so i downloaded and tested the voice recording software and played around with some editing stuff on a test video in order to prep for making some. I think i may start one when i get home today and they usually take a couple days to make so potentially have one ready wed or thurs.


I did have an idea for something extra i can do but im looking for some feedback.

The 10 minute videos are really good for learning the fight and getting an idea of what is going on so i am going to start with one of those; however, those 10 minute videos are not really practical for use during a raid because of their length, so here is my thought:

why not make the videos in three versions? There could be the one long version where you explain the full fight in complete detail at normal speed and dont leave anything out, being sure to include nuances in handling some fight mechanics and boss abilities. The second video will be a super condensed bare bones version for tanks/healers and the third would be the same as the second except for DPS. The later two videos would try to jam as much info into as short a time as possible and would use speeding up the video and constant dialogue.

The idea behind this is that if you want to see the whole fight and everything explained in detail before the raid you can go and watch the first video, but if the raid is already going you could say "tanks/healers go watch this video and DPS go watch this one" and it would take 3-5 min and you would all be back really quick.

I figure that most of the editing will probably be the same but there are things that could be left out because DPS/tanks/healers dont care about them.

So let me know what you think.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I have recently decided to pick up again on my quest to get the loremaster tabard, because it is awesome. I had already completed Outland, Northrend and the 80+ cata zones but i have to go back and do the old zones that have been redone.

I find the world of warcraft lore to be really cool and doing the quests gives you some pretty interesting background to some parts of the world.

I have been working through Felwood most recently but it was not the best zone. If you are looking to do a cool zone, Stonetalon Mountains is a pretty cool place to start (at the end Garrosh comes and owns some fase).

Depending on if you loved yourself or hated your self at launch you may not have completed Vash'ir (spelling?). I would highly recommend finishing that zone. Loremaster for Vash'ir is a massive pain in the butt; however, i do think that it is by far the most interesting storyline of all the zones that I have done, as well as some of the most interesting quests like the battlemaiden questline. You will probably get sick of naga by the end but the end of the zone culminates in a fight between Neptulon and ozumat and thats pretty cool.

But what about you? How do you fill your time when you have nothing else to do but still want to play some WoW?