Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Bit About Me

So i had this up before but i have recently decided to try and put more effort into trying to get the ball rolling so i deleted my old posts and im starting fresh. My name is Jey and the following is about me so far.

I started playing WoW slightly before the Release of the Burning Crusades as an undead warlock which I only leveled up to level 20 or so. I then decided to go for a different mana using class and opted for a Human Mage which got me up to level 46 and into a good guild. I played as a mage through those 46 levels but found that staring at a screen that was constantly turning grey (yay squishie class) was not something that I overly enjoyed. I then decided to go back to playing a warlock but decided that I wanted to stay with my guild and ended up rolling a gnome warlock on the same server. The Burning Crusades was released as I was leveling my warlock and so I had the drive to get to 70 so that I could start doing some instances. I did end up reaching max level on this character and was starting to get into instance runs when some of my friends wanted to all make characters on the same server.

I decided that it would be fun to play a druid because another guy I knew had one and he made it sound like a lot of fun. However I ended up playing three different druids on three different servers before deciding that I wasnt gonna have anymore level 30 druids and decided to stay on Darkspear US server where I currently play.

It was on this server where I made my Druid Jey and decided that I was going to tank even if I had grind out a long time for gear. One of the guys I had transfered with told me that I was doomed to offtank but I politely told him to shut up and proceeded merily on my way leveling up my feral druid. I leveled up my Druid to 70 and then proceeded the long grind for clefthoof leather only to find myself constantly below defence cap and as such stuck to regular instances and not heroics.

Then WotLK dropped and I took off. I was the 8th person in my guild to hit 80 and within 4 days we were running 10 naxx and I was MT'ing due to all the awesome changes made to feral druids and mostly their tanking ( because Kitty dps was lol l2tank in my opinion). After the first night I decided that I needed better gear so grinded out for my crafted gear and we went back and things started dropping. We then proceeded with Naxx 25 and then into ulduar 10 and ulduar 10 hardmodes. We tried running 25 man ulduar but it was very hit and miss due to attendance and then when 3.2 hit and ToC came out we started loosing people including one of our tanks and it was at that point that I decided to duck out and ended up joining Dauntlëss so that I could do ToC 25. We pushed through ToC and were 4/5 in ToGC when icecrown dropped and got to 10/12 in ICC 25.

Quite Recently Dauntlëss broke up when our GM went away (it was a legit reason, none of that im taking a break crap). And so i moved back to heartless knights for the interm while i sort out some things in my real life. My plan is to hop into more aggressive raiding in cata but for the time being im content with an occasional raid with my old guildies.

And thats it about me and everything up right now. One thing I would like to note is that I am not a hardcore theorycrafter and anything I do will pretty much be napkin math and speculation however my speculations have been pretty much bang on since Wrath dropped so you can listen to me if you want. One last thing to note is that if you see an error on any of my posts just let me know so that i can change it, dont be a loser and start flamming cause i messed up a bit, we are all in this together.