Friday, July 16, 2010

What's up now Jey?

So i have not posted as i said i would but here is to starting. I have a lot of big ideas about blog posts to right that would be really good but in the end i find i just cant get myself to start writing them so this is all you get for now... a quick update.

As I said in my last post, i went back to Heartless Knights for the interim while i waited for my schedule to become stable (curse you part-time work) so i could commit to a raiding schedule. Well about a month and a half or two months ago my old guild leader asked me if he started another guild if i would join, it is a predominantly 10 man guild that is basically just building a player base before Cata hits. I casually said that I would once my schedule stabilized but that i couldn't commit to anything now. Well about a 3 weeks ago i got a job full-time for the summer and let him know w/o really thinking too much about it because i thought he was gonna wait longer anyway. One week later I log in to a GMotD saying that my old guild leader had created this guild and that they want the small split off to be as painless as possible. I'm really good friends with the guys in Heartless Knights and left some of my alts in the guild but decided to duck out with my druid to join Berserk.

Well if your good at math you will have realized that we have been formed for 2 weeks now. In the first week we cleared up to sindra with 4/12 heroic done and knocked out a Halion kill which I had not done yet. This week however we stomped through the instance going 7/12 heroic and killing Lich king (getting me and 8 others their kingslayer). Now I know this can't last forever and I know we have a massive buff but I'm pretty pumped that in 2 weeks we killed LK. If this keeps up we will be in good shape for Cata when 10's and 25's will be the same.

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