Thursday, September 30, 2010

Update, the Second

So last i posted about myself I was Jey the Kingslayer with 7/12 heroic. Just gonna do a quick update right now. So we have been having attendance issues in berserk lately and so the raiding has not been going as smoothly as we hoped but it is better than not raiding at all i suppose. we have moved from that 7/12 heroic number to 10/12 heroic with only sindra and LK left alive (would be nice if we could repeat the PP kill but w/e). We took some attempts at halion on heroic but it was just one of those nights where no one can concentrate well and it turned into just a big gongshow. Highlight though would have to be getting down Blood princes on heroic, that was pretty cool.

I am also going to link my blog to my YouTube channel now. I have had out a couple videos for a while now that have done alright. So I'm going to put the link to the YouTube channel HERE but i think i will leave the link to my blog out of my channel for now. My most recent video was a strat vid for twin valks in toc so it is not exactly up to date but i am trying to record all the bosses in ICC right now to put a sped up video of all the bosses up. The reason i am so far behind is that i had to rebuild my computer (ick) and i lost fraps and my editing software but i seem to be good now so when i finish that i will let you all know.

And one last thing is that i have another post all ready to go right now so if you are good to me and ask i will post it right away but if not i will post in 4-5 days.

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