Thursday, September 9, 2010

Feral Tier set bonuses

So I know that the internet will be all a twitter with what just dropped on mmo-champion so I am going to hop on the bandwagon and give my own two cents on it. There are a couple things that almost all raiders look forward to a preview of when they are promised new raid content. The first of these is the bosses and what they do, and guess still have to wait for that. But the second thing is tier gear and if you want to see what it looks like in game you are going to have to, once again, keep waiting. If you are still reading I will reward you with the important stuff:

Druid T11 Feral 2P Bonus - Increases the periodic damage done by your Rake and Lacerate abilities by 10%.
Druid T11 Feral 4P Bonus - Each time you use Mangle (Cat) you gain a 1% increase to attack power for 30 sec stacking up to 3 times, and the duration of your Survival Instinct ability is increased by 50%.

There you go, that is why I am slightly excited right now and here is what I think of our first tier set bonuses.

2 set Cat- this is a straight damage increase for rake. Your rake ability will now hit for 10% more. Kinda boring, but with the new changes in Cata rake can also crit so I think it will be making up a more substantial part of our damage, and as such this may be slightly better than it would be on live ( since you can’t have 2 set T11 and 4 set T 10).

2 set Bear- Just like cats it is a straight dmg increase except this time for lacerate. This seems kind of boring at first to me but then I noticed that it says that it is only for the periodic portion of the lacerate dmg. Now you might be thinking “Who cares?” but I will tell you why this peaks my interest. Up until now I have been slightly worried about the interplay between lacerate and pulverize and since I don’t have access to the beta I can only make guesses but I’ll tell you what this leads me to believe. In that they are buffing the periodic lacerate dmg and not simply lacerate dmg I would imagine that you will be trying to keep a stack running as much as possible. This leads me to 3 conclusions as far as pulverize goes.

1. Lacerate is intended to be part of the rotation in a major way and you will only pulverize when the buff falls off.
2. Lacerate is intended to be part of the rotation in a major way and there will be a glyph that allows pulverize to not consume the stacks but have something like a longer CD or something.
3. Lacerate will suck even with the set bonuses and you will only use it so that pulverize hits harder and you will have a wasted 2 set.

Obviously number three would suck but I wouldn’t want 1 to be the case either. I’m hoping that 2 will be what happens because pulverize seems like a fun ability that I want to use for more reason than as a glorified savage roar, but that is just me.

4 set Cat- First impression, this sucks. 1% attack power for using mangle. I would be completely fine with this except that it is mangle that is the trigger. This should trigger from either shred or shred and mangle imo. Basically what is going to happen is that instead of needing to mangle once every minute to keep the debuff on the enemy up is that we now have to mangle every thirty seconds to keep the buff up. Also if the buff falls off it is not as simple as using mangle to get it up again; if it falls off you have to use mangle 3 times to get it back up. And finally if you have someone else putting up the bleed debuff you will still have to mangle in order to keep this buff up. It will need to be seen whether it is a big enough gain in dps to counteract the trade-off of shred for mangle. I see this needing either a slight buff or a redesign or I can see some cats taking off pieces instead of going for 4 piece but I cannot be sure because we don’t have any solid numbers right now.

4 set Bear- I looked that this and I said to myself “wow another crappy bear tier set bonus”, a duration increase of the increased health effect is kind of underwhelming. /facepalm. This is a really good set bonus with survival instincts reducing dmg by 60 % now this is markedly better. Having 60% reduction is good but having 60% reduction for 18 seconds is way better. It’s almost like its 50% better...

That’s all I got for now and I have no idea what I am going to post next.

PS. Nom nom nom getting renamed Feast of Flesh sucks. That was like the best name for a talent ever.

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