Monday, December 6, 2010

Don't You Worry

So i havent posted in....5 days so i just wanted to put something in the feed readers so that you know the blog aint dead.

Chances are that for the next...say two weeks...i will probably only make 1 or 2 posts because i have exams this week and at the beginning of next week that i have to study for and write and i also have a surgery to get ready for that is on the 15 and i have appointments for that and then after the 15 i have to spend 1-2 days in hospital and possibly a couple more just lying in bed (boy look at that run-on sentence).

But, i will make it up to you. Cata is coming out so I will either drop a nice and meaty post or (even better?) a video.

So don't you worry.

Oh and have fun to all of those people who can actually go to the midnight release tonight and play the game tomorrow, or for those of you in EU servers have fun in like an hour and a half. Let me know how it goes as i will still be checking the comments on the blog and responding up until i go in for the surgery. Also if you are leveling and you have any questions you want answered or videos you want made when i get back from my temp. break then just let me know-contact info in the sidebar----->


  1. Lol servers crashed at 23:01 could not get back on any eu servers Dam you blizz Dammm you to hell

  2. lol i have been reading briefly through some of the 11 pages of people stuck connecting or being disconnected repeatedly on mmo-champ.

    but i mean you are going to be able to get online as soon as the servers come up.

    awwww Blizzard you got us again, sneaky buggers.

  3. I was already ingame at 00:01 (server time). I received a system message asking me to quit the game and relog to gain access to the Cata content... It took me an hour to get back in....

    The 80+ zones were overcrowded, as usual for a release, same for Worgen and Goblin starting zones... So I took my Drake and did some Archeology! Since I do NOT have the time to try for realm first, I took my time to read the lore. Pretty interesting in my opinion. I will probably get that to 525 before I even reach 85.

  4. Yeah, I really enjoy reading all the lore from the game since it is so expansive. Plus, having played warcraft 2, 3, and the expansion i have a fair amount of background to all the stuff that goes on in the lore now. I love Know Your Lore on wowinsider (can we still call it that?).

    I would do the archeology but by the time i get back i will be severely behind, will need to level and gear and my guild will probably be wanting me to get to heroic ready status as soon as possible. But on nice thing is that by that time the starter zones should be mostly clear with the majority of people having moved out of them within the first week and working on finishing leveling and gearing up.

    Should be lots of fun.

  5. That's one of the good sides of half-solo play. My guild does not need me to start the Heroics grinding. I can do pretty much what I want, when I want. And since most of my lvl 80s are on a European server, everyone goes to bed when I'm back from work and ready to play... If only I could transfer those 80s to my US account....

    On a good note, things have cleared up a bit in the starting areas. I created my first Worgen yesterday and I loved the storyline. Even if you don't plan to play as Ally, you at least have to create one. I think it is the most epic starting zone I've played so far. Gnome is good, but Worgen is the best... at least until I create my first Goblin!