Monday, December 13, 2010

I Did It

Earlier today i dinged 85.

I know, big deal Jey.

But it is a pretty big deal for me. I have had a really busy week with exams and appointments and getting ready for surgery and having one of my exam deferrals screwed up. Lots of fun.

This means that i now have to stop being a loner and actually join some dungeon queues to upgrade my gear but everything from this point on is gravy. I really only wanted to hit 85 before my surgery so anything i can do from now on is a bonus. That is where i am in my Cataclysm experience. Have a good day.


  1. Good job. I'm working my way to 85 on my mage, and approaching 75 on my druid. It is an awful lot of fun. And I completely agree, I enjoy the leveling experience, everything beyond that is pure gravy. (At least the first time around.)

  2. Yeah I wasn't even sure that I would be able to hit 80 before my surgery because of exams but I " found" myself with more free time than I originaly thought that I would have.

    Good luck with getting your mage up, my first character was a mage but ididnt have the patience for all the dying ( was back in vanilla when I played that character ).

    And I did think that the leveling was a lot of fun. I worked my way through all of hyjal and deepholm and then did half a level in uldum till 84 and then went to twilight highlands and dinged 85 when I handed in the last quest in the zone.

  3. Wasn't even sure I would be able to hit 85 either, yay for not proofreading comments

  4. Grats! I'm still on my way to 85 with my EU Hunter. I should be done by the end of the week. My next 85 will be my Druid.

    Since I'm no longer doing a lot of end-game content, I'll probably go for Loremaster with one of my chars. I've been questing in Darshore lately with my brand new Worgen Druid and the new zone and quests are a lot of fun. I'm playing WoW since the beginning and done most of the quests in all the zones of Azeroth so revisiting old zones with new and well designed content is tempting me a lot.

  5. Yeah i have loremaster of outland and northrend but i couldnt bring myself to do the old world because there was a lot of just looking for obscure quests in the middle of nowhere. Now that it is sectioned off i may decide it is worth my time again, since I already am more than 3/5 of the way done cataclysm zones.