Saturday, December 18, 2010

So Far

I am back from the hospital now. Got back home yesterday morning. It felt good to be home but i am starting to miss the IV morphine for near instant pain relief ( as an aside, why do all liquid drugs taste awful? ). It has not been too bad, relatively, but i am finding that i need to really work on keeping my nose clear so that i can breath.

I can talk, but only barely. I hit about 15-20% of words with my mom and less with my dad but it has gotten better really fast and i hope that changes soon.

my cheeks, the bottom of my nose and my top lip are numb and that is annoying but my mom says that she can see my top lip dropping down.

I was under the impression that I would be having a lot of ensure and whey powder and meal replacements but that has quickly been shattered. I feel like the best thing i have had so far is Boost, which is a fruity energy replacement, and I have been drinking lots of milk. I had liquefied mashed potatoes this morning and that was a nice change but they are harder to get down because they are the same temperature as my mouth so it is hard to know when to swallow.

Ill spare the more gross details but there is the expected drooling and whatnot but the surgeon says that the surgery went really good and i personally will be happy when i stop getting nose bleeds that make breathing harder for me.

If you want to know anything else by all means go for it because i will be pretty much living in front of the Computer, the table and on my bed.


  1. Happy to see you back and that all went well!

    I had a "Boost diet" when my dentist removed 2 of my wisdom teeth. I know it's not as big a surgery as yours but I was on liquid diet for a week and a half. It's not that bad at first but you really miss eating solid food after a while...

    Take care!

  2. the first day was pretty rough because i was trying to drink all things that were like ensure or the milkshake versions of boost and those all taste the same, so it felt like every meal was the same all the time.

    I have been drinking more of those fruity boosts and some really thick fruit juices and it has been a lot more bearable.