Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It seems that even though i have not posted in 2 months that people are still coming to the site so i will give a quick update of myself.

First off, im still here. I have been really busy with school and other life things and that is why i have dropped off the face of the planet until now. I have decided to start doing those strat videos that i promised a long time ago and so i will try to get one up within a week, i just have to find the time and drive to do it.

Next, Berserk is now 11/12 on normal with nef left to kill although we may start trying H halfus just for kicks but we shall see.

my tanking movement guide on the forums (the one i posted here) is now a sticky on the tanking forums and i am pretty proud of that.

I have leveled my PvP character (my hunter) up to 85 and have put together a decent PvP set (around 1800 resil) that i am still working on improving.

I just redid my UI on my druid and i want to do a post on that but i will need some screenshots for that first.

Now, a question for you. Do you prefer a minimalist UI or do you like to have everything that you will ever possibly need on your screen at the same time? Me? i prefer a minimalist UI.


  1. I admit I check regularly for posts, but that's just my routine. I have my resto/moonkin druid at 85 and in a guild where we raid/run heroics almost daily. I am leveling a feral druid bear/kitty specs I think... haven't decided yet, so it's going to be fun to dissect your helpful posts soon.

    Now to answer your question: I prefer a fairly minimalist UI. I'm still tweaking my UI. Stealing ideas from guildies and trial and error, I almost have it the way I like it.

  2. Yeah i have used the blizzard UI up until a week ago, but there was a Full UI revamp i looked had for about 3 weeks until it got updated and i didnt like the new look. Im pretty picky about my UI and i only take things that help make parts of my UI smaller or display more information in the same space (such as grid for raid frames).