Monday, March 28, 2011

Strat Videos

So last night i decided that i was going to actually sit down and start working on some strategy videos so i downloaded and tested the voice recording software and played around with some editing stuff on a test video in order to prep for making some. I think i may start one when i get home today and they usually take a couple days to make so potentially have one ready wed or thurs.


I did have an idea for something extra i can do but im looking for some feedback.

The 10 minute videos are really good for learning the fight and getting an idea of what is going on so i am going to start with one of those; however, those 10 minute videos are not really practical for use during a raid because of their length, so here is my thought:

why not make the videos in three versions? There could be the one long version where you explain the full fight in complete detail at normal speed and dont leave anything out, being sure to include nuances in handling some fight mechanics and boss abilities. The second video will be a super condensed bare bones version for tanks/healers and the third would be the same as the second except for DPS. The later two videos would try to jam as much info into as short a time as possible and would use speeding up the video and constant dialogue.

The idea behind this is that if you want to see the whole fight and everything explained in detail before the raid you can go and watch the first video, but if the raid is already going you could say "tanks/healers go watch this video and DPS go watch this one" and it would take 3-5 min and you would all be back really quick.

I figure that most of the editing will probably be the same but there are things that could be left out because DPS/tanks/healers dont care about them.

So let me know what you think.

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