Friday, April 15, 2011

video update

just a quick update on the video

i have all the audio ready to go, the background music is looped properly and the voiceovers are done now.

i just have to do the editing to make the highlights and things match up with the audio

on a side note the voiceovers took a lot longer to do ( like actually do not just get time to do) and so i ran into exams and had to take a break.

i hope to have it done *crosses fingers* by the end of the weekend

Edit: given that nothing has gone wrong with my second attempt at rendering, the video is now done. I will hopefully be able to upload it tonight and will post it on the front page tomorrow afternoon as i have an exam in the morning. If you want to check it out before i get around to posting it on the blog my youtube account is JeyHK.

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