Monday, April 25, 2011

Patch 4.1

So patch 4.1 is deemed to be coming out tomorrow and i thought i would talk about some of the stuff happening.

For druids:

Ferals are seeing a few quality of life changes and a few straight up buffs

the physical damage increase from enrage is being removed so you can now use it more often than just before a pull. This also makes it viable to get king of the jungle in a tanking spec.

The cooldown on swipe is being cut in half and thrash is no longer affected by the bug that causes its bleed to be mitigated by armor.

The bonus threat that was on FFF, lacerate, swipe, and maul have all been taken away and converted to damage. This change changes the scaling on our abilities so that we should now be using thrash and FFF during our single target. This means that you can take the two points out of feral aggression for the instant lacerate 3 stack and the extra point that most people put into stampede into king of the jungle.

For our resto brethren we are seeing a buff to effloresence (spelling?) and the removal of the pushback while casting tranq. This means no more having to save barkskin if you want a full tranq to go off when you are taking damage, nice buff for everyone.

The new content coming out that you no doubt already know about is the new ZA and ZG raids being made into 5 mans. The new instances have retarded amount of new gear and you are now able to get full epics for a feral set from those instances i think.

There has been a conversion of VP to CP at 1:1 in lots of 250 which will allow all non pvp inclined ferals to now get their BIS tanking relic from the PvP vendor. For DPS its still the golganoth relic for you but for tanking the vicious is the best relic you can get. (if you want me to go over that in more detail i can)

But obviously the biggest thing getting attention all around the forums and blogosphere is the introduction of the Call to Arms feature in the RDF. This is the feature intended to increase tanks and to a smaller extent healers in the RDF and decrease queue times for DPS. I want to do a write up on this but i want to see the guaranteed rewards first and do a couple as a dps to see how big a dif it is making with tank quality being a factor.

Also i want to get a video out quickly of the new instances and their associated boss strategies for those people who want a runthrough of those but i will probably have to wait a day or two to get it recorded cause i would prefer a guild group, or mostly guild.

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