Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm Done

Just wanted to say for those of you that keep coming here occasionally to see if i may have posted something on a whim that i will probably not continue with this blog.

As it stands right now i am working a lot and i am maintaining the bear tanking spreadsheet. I just dont have a lot of time for writing out full blog posts. I would encourage anyone coming here to keep tabs on for bear news as well as join in the discussions on the tanking or Druid forums as that is where i have taken to posting my ramblings when i feel the need.

Also feel free to check out the two projects that are mine atm, the tanking movement guide and the bear tanking spreadsheet.

So i bid you adu, and you can stop checking this blog now and take me off your feed reader.

I had fun writing almost everything but this phase in my life is over.

PS. im still playing, and i am still open to helping anyone out with any questions that they may have if you contact me in game.

Jey, Darkspear-US

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