Monday, October 25, 2010


So this is a bit delayed as it happened last Tuesday but it was funny so i thought i would share.

I don't know how many of you have done heroic lich king attempts on either 10 or 25 but we did like 4 attempts on Tuesday just to see what it was like because that was the first chance we had had to try it at all. Well in phase 1 there is a new mechanic added that is called shadow trap. What happens is that LK casts the "summon shadow trap" spell which causes a shadow trap to form under a random raid member which waits 5 seconds to activate and then just sits there until it dissipates. well if everyone gets out within those 5 it just sits there and doesn't do anything, but if after those 5 seconds someone is still inside or for some reason hits it then it does an aoe explosion that hits for quite a lot.

Now you be thinking, "big deal lots of things do aoe dmg" but there is one more thing that happens that guarantees that you die. When the shadow trap explodes it does a knock back for everyone within 10 yards. "Knock back" is pretty inaccurate however since it launches you 2-3 times the distance that the platform is across. It would be like a shaman using a thundershock in AB and doing a knock back that sends you from LM all the way to Mine

Well we are doing our first attempt and i know what the ability does and I'm ready for it and shadow trap gets cast, DBM tells me there is a shadow crash nearby. Well just so you know...shadow crash nearby, and shadow crash on you are not very different. In my infinite wisdom i thought to myself "oh well its just nearby, so i just have to be careful not to move into it." This thought was followed by me and our 2 melee being launched like 400 yards into the middle of nowhere.

Now i would say that i was disappointed but after it happened i thought that was one of the coolest death mechanics i have ever had. The frost orbs in the phase transitions are nothing, its like a baby knock back. I would suggest that everyone should "accidentally" hit a shadow trap just to see what it is like if they have the chance, but i will deny that i ever typed that out and posted it on the Internet. But seriously...don't do it more than once on purpose but if you get the chance just try it out.

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