Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So i did actually end up going back and changing my reforging and i think overall it is better. I was originally going for hit then expertise. I am under the impression now that hit cap is still good to get to so go for that. But after you get that hit capped you should move to going for mastery. I have not fully flipped everything over yet but i am thinking that we should turn our haste into mastery after we are hit capped. And on rings and trinkets where you don't have haste, turn some of that dodge into mastery because with the DR's from dodge you are getting higher return by making it into mastery atm. Also those rings and trinkets and necks and capes with armor on them are not as good as they were before the patch so if you get an opportunity to get a jewelry or cape with high stam and agil and no armor you should grab it even though it is meant for dps players because in our present state we are balanced around agility so it is alot better right now than strength because strength doesn't do almost anything for us, if it even has a purpose. Stam still=good though.

Its a short one but i am working on my CC post and right now i am trying to get pictures of all the CC methods which is taking a little time, but the post is 3500 words and not totally finished yet so it is very thorough.

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