Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Empty Promises and Bad Excuses

So i realize that this will be the third time that i have said this but i plan on working on a video tonight. I have made three really bad excuses for not doing it and i feel as though its time to just man up and do it.

I originally told myself that i did not have the time to do them and that is def not true, i just have to make the time to do them.

I then said that i didn't have anything recorded that would be a good fight to explain but i def did.

And finally i thought that i would wait until i got new fights recorded since i had just redone my UI.

Well i now have have H chimeron, H Halfus, and Nefarian recorded with my new UI and they are pretty interesting fights to explain so i throw it out to anyone still reading this.

My guild has been ultimately useless in helping me decide which fight to do a video for and so the first comment (if there is one) that has a fight name in it (options are the three above) before i sit down later to start is the fight that i will do, no need to justify it, can be completely selfish and self serving reasons i dont care. If there is no comment i will decide for myself and once i start making the video i will not switch so comment quickly.

I will also keep you posted on any additional fights that i have recorded as I finish each video so that you can weigh in again if you like.


  1. nefarion would be interesting, since my guild is still progressing on it