Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's a Matter of Character

I am just going to assume that not everyone who reads this plays a druid based upon the fact that i haven't really been writing that many druid only topics lately. So i have a question for anyone reading this. What character are you gonna be playing when the expansion goes live on Dec 7th? Are you staying with your same character or are you switching to a different class? Are you taking this opportunity to transfer servers, or factions, or both? Is your first character that hits 80 going to be an old one or one that you are starting when the servers go live today? And what will be your first alt

Me? I am sticking with my Druid, I will probably level him tank specced and do some instances with my guildies. Gonna hit 85 and tear through some instances so that i can get into heroics as soon as I have the time. my next character i want to level will probably be my Goblin Rogue or my Belf Hunter.

Also, what is the first thing you are going to do when the servers go live to day? I know ill be checking out Peacebloom vs Ghouls if i have the time.


  1. I'm going to be playing altaholic for the next several months (possibly years) in game. Probably the first thing I will do today is play my orc hunter to experience the new world. I will probably continue with my NE druid.

  2. I think that I may start a worgen druid in the old world and see what questing and tanking is like at 1-60 and write some stuff about it, after i level my main druid to 85. Not exclusively, but in between playing my other characters i may do that.

  3. I created a new alt to test the Troll starting area yesterday. It is very well designed. The place was pretty crowded with a lot of players creating Troll Druids but you didn't had to wait a lot for respawns. Without any BoA, I ended up lvl 7 when I entered Sen'jin Village for the first time. Every quest is pretty straight forward. You don't have to wander from east to west endlessly. I'll definitely have to test the other redesigned starting zones.

  4. sounds good let me know how it goes.