Friday, November 12, 2010

New Raid Boss?

Just so everyone knows I am working on another bigger post but i am a little busy so i am doing these smaller posts in the mean time.

In other news there a was a recent buff reported to have happened on the beta to a NPC that horde players know and love to kill.

Gamon was recently buffed on the beta to a level 85 elite. For those of you who dont know who Gamon is, he is a level 12 neutral npc in the inn in orgrimmar. Typically he is killed within seconds of spawning and finding him alive is pretty rare.I suggest that if you have never seen Gamon, that you go roll a low level orc or troll alt and run to org. The inn is i believe the second or third building on the right and you should go take a look for his dead body.

The screenshot on mmo-champion shows a low level player getting hit for 150k dmg which suggests that he will hit significantly hard on even a well geared 85 player early in the expansion. I am curious though if this will help Gamon's life expectancy. I forsee that with people moving to hanging out in the old cities that Org will become well populated and that it will be very common to see "Gamon is alive, need a tank and some healers" in general chat and bored level 85 players will rush over to kill Gamon.

We may not see formal raids but i predict that we will see large groups of people waiting to beat down the NPC as soon as he spawns for a while after cataclysm drops.

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