Friday, November 26, 2010

My Surgery

I have been wanting to post this for a while now, but i was like "no, they dont want to read about that." But then i realized that it is pretty interesting and that this is my blog and i can do w/e i want with it and so i am going to write a little about it. Maybe i will add pictures.

I just want to start off by saying that i'm sorry i havent done anything with the blog in a few days, but i am really busy with school right now.

So i am getting a major reconstructive jaw surgery on Dec 15th in order to fix a major over-bite and to close the gap in my teeth. As it stands, i can not eat tomato slices unless they are in large sandwiches, pizza without the toppings all sliding off, or pretty much anything that is remotely flat. I am getting both upper and lower jaw surgery, or maxillary and mandibular osteotomies. Basically they are going to lengthen my bottom jaw and shorten, and move my top jaw. Now because i am bored i am going to do some MS paint pictures (or i would have if it didnt make me look like a rat, lets try something else).

So this is essentially what it will look like after it is done i believe. keep in mind that i am no surgeon and that this is all information i have gleaned from appointments i have been to.

Top Jaw:
The surgery for the top jaw entails cutting a small wedge out in order to make the jaw shorter. After they will move the detached top jaw put it against the remainder of the top jaw, and then slide it forward slightly and then pin it in place.

Bottom Jaw:
For the bottom jaw surgery they will have to make a cut to each side of the mandible. There will be a cut in the same place on each jaw. The cut will be vertical and will start near the back of the mandible. They will cut outwards till they are about halfway through my jaw, then they will switch directions and cut down the length of my jaw and finally they will switch directions and continue to cut out wards. once they complete that cut the jaw will be in 3 pieces and they will slide the lower portion forward and then pin it in place with a metal plate. This is the more interesting part in my opinion.

So you can see why i may be out of it for a while. I will be spending at least one night in the hospital, probably two nights before i can go home. My mouth will be tied shut with extremely strong elastics for 6-8 weeks and I will be on an entirely liquid diet for that time (Maybe ill make a list of Jeys fav. liquid meals for you all). The recovery time is about 3 months before i am allowed to do anything physical and then who knows how long after that.

I am extremely excited for it but i am just starting to realize how big of a undertaking this surgery is. I am curious to see how it changes my appearance (hopefully for the better). So there you have it. If you have any questions i will be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge and i will be doing more WoW related posts and hopefully a low level feral leveling guide when i have more time, which will probably have to wait till after my surgery. So there you go, now when i make a vague reference to my surgery you will know what i am talking about.


  1. OUCH!

    I had a defibrillator inserted in me this year, and it always makes me wonder when I look around at other people, I wonder what bizarre and strange operations the person beside me might have had.

    pain wise, I would argue that you win!

  2. I find that I have started looking at people differently too in the last little while. You kinda get that feeling while going through the whole process that it is more common than everyone seems to think. I find myself looking at people and assessing their faces, even though i have no idea what i am looking for.

    I have obviously not gone through the surgery yet but from what i have gathered, it isn't that painful. It is mostly the length of the recovery time and having your mouth permanently closed that makes it suck.

  3. My wife had a tooth extracted about a month ago, so she couldnt chew much, and the pain was intense.

    while she could open her mouth, the opening and closing made it dificult, so she resorted to making milkshakes.

    Cheeseburger milkshake. - 1 cheeseburger, 1 fries, 1 glass of milk, 1 blender. Serve with large width straw.

    Our blender saw much in the way of veggies and chicken, apparently pork or beef doesn't pure very well, unless its pre ground.

  4. I am def not having a blended cheeseburger but good to know about the pork and beef.