Friday, November 12, 2010

Run Along Now...

Three posts in one day, arent you unlucky. I have just had a lot of small things to say.

I have a confession:
I, Jey, Druid of Darkspear, am a compulsive run-on sentence creator.

And i always have been. If you have read any of my posts i probably have a run-on or two, and pretty much any comment i write contains a massive run-on sentence that i hit the "Post Comment" button too fast to catch it (upon revision, I have found this sentence to be a run-on). I know i have a problem...but guess what? It probably aint gonna change. It something is really unclear i will change it or clarify (if it is a comment) it but I will still have run-on sentences and that is just a little quirk you will have to get used to. On the plus side, my English Class in university has made me a lot better at punctuating, so they may diminish.

That is all.

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