Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Before I started this blog I thought it would be cool to help people out by doing some YouTube videos about some of the raids (tankspot style). I kinda stopped doing that after ToC when I had to reformat my hard drive and I lost Fraps and my video editing software. But I have been working to get set-up for Cataclysm so that I can push out some videos when the expansion drops. The first ones may or may not have voice-overs because I am getting jaw surgery on Dec 15 and am getting my jaw wired shut and my face will be swollen and I may not be able to talk but that is irrelevant.

I plan on releasing videos showing the instances, including strategies for the instance bosses as well as all the mechanics changes from regular to heroic. When I get to raiding I will start working on bigger videos for those with similar information. But I would also like to hear from you. What would you like some videos on (strategy, guides or otherwise)?


  1. I do remember some tactical guides made by Tamzin back in BC. Those were the best in my opinion. Helped my guild a lot with our first Vashj and Kael'thas kills. I haven't raided a lot in WotLK so I don't really know what the new tactical guides look like. But I'm pretty sure you can get some good ideas from Tamzin's guides.

  2. So i checked out one of those tamzin guides. They look pretty similar to what i want to do. I think I will try to keep any guides below 10 min because that 25 min video is kind of a monster. I have noticed some things that I could try and add but i will have to play around with Vegas to see how to do them.

    If you are wanting to see the quality i am aiming for then look at some of the naxx videos from the beginning of wrath that were put out by tankspot. I like tankspot guides because they are concise but personally i think that they have gone downhill since ciderhelm stopped doing them so try and find one done by ciderhelm.

    I dont think the time of the video should take away from the content at all though because the fights in wrath are significantly shorter and ithink they will try to continue that into cata.

  3. I have to agree that her Kael'thas and Illidan guides are HUGE! But what I love about her guides is how everything is presented. You don't usually care about the UI of the player shooting the vid. You'll probably spend the first minute to look at all of his/her addons before really getting into what is being said about the fight itself.

    I found a few guides from Cinderhelm. Those are great guides but try to stay away from the "stickies" as much as possible. People do not always have the time to read everything while watching how the fight works. I also found the Festergut 10-man guide Tankspot posted. OMG!! I now know what you meant by "gone downhill"! The guy is jumping-jumping-jumping every 2 sec.... I probably ended up on the worst of the bunch but... wow... Please don't do that! :D

  4. if by "stickies" you mean text over the video that you have to read, i wont do that. I may start highlighting stuff as i get more comfortable with producing them but that is not the same thing.

    If you mean something else then let me know so i can try to avoid it.

  5. well i need to preface this by saying that i might have to do this for a couple videos because i am getting jaw surgery on Dec 15. I should be healed enough to talk before i want to put out a video but you never know.