Friday, November 12, 2010

Piece of Cake

So on Wednesday my father opened up the e-mail to find a message from blizzard saying that our account was involved in acts the violate the terms of use agreement and that in-game items were being sold for real money.

Yes, I got hacked.

So my dad went and changed our account info and filled out the form that confirmed that we were hacked and blizzard then proceeded to reimburse all our items on all our characters. All of this happened on Wednesday while i was at school and before I got home.

I have to say that overall I was very impressed with the speed of the process and the monitoring that is put in place by blizzard. I would say that this was a relatively painless process for getting your account restored. I was able to log in to my account on the same day that it was hacked and go to my mailbox grab my gear and go to my raid an hour later.

But i was wondering, am I alone in this experience? If you have had an experience with being hacked were you impressed by the response time or not? I know blizzard used to be bad about stuff like this so also give a little info into how long ago it was.

And I will curb the comments right now:
No, I do not have an authenticator
Yes, it was dumb
No, I do not visit compromising websites
No, no one else has my account info
Yes, I plan to order an authenticator very soon.


  1. My account was compromised in September. I received an email asking to confirm my account information change. I immediately logged in to and changed my password. As I was overseas at the time, I couldn't log in to the game and see what was going on. I had one of my sons do so (we all have different passwords and don't share them... other than as Dad, I log them all just in case).

    I got the info needed from my kid, logged a case with Blizzard, and had everything fixed within the day. This was actually amusing, as I had actually had the account inactive since early in the year. The crooks were kind enough to use bring-a-friend on my account and re-up me. Blizzard let it remain... and now I'm hooked again!

    As soon as I was back home I set up an authenticator, and will be getting ones for the kids too.

  2. sounds like they are really trying to improve their system for getting people going again after getting hacked. I remember back when took a week or two to get your items back, but i guess that is needed when you have higher than average ticket amounts for 3 years :P

  3. I agree. Your post spurred a chat with a friend. His/her/its experience is similar to ours. Up within a full day.

    I must say that setting up and using the Android-based authenticator was quick and painless. My phone's always with me, so no extra keychain dongle to deal with.

  4. The problem that i have with the mobile authenticator is that i could put it on my Ipod but i always carry it with me and since i have been sharing an account with my dad since we got it before BC we both have our high levels on the account, meaning that if i take my Ipod with me he will have to call me everytime he wants to log in. I will probably just get a key fob and leave it on the computer desk.

  5. yep. My husband had his account compromised while his account was inactive, took twenty minutes to get everything cleared and ready to play. We immediately put authenticators on both our accounts and now enjoy our corehound pups when we duo.

  6. Yeah i ordered my authenticator yesterday because as painless as the process was, i dont want to do that too often because it is a bit of a hassle.