Wednesday, November 10, 2010

That Awkward Moment

Stay with here.

You both look up and find your way blocked so move to avoid. Finding yourself in peril once again you stop to regain your hold on the situation. Both members are unable to move, for fear has taken over. Afraid to make the first move, you hold position until your courage has returned. You move, but undoubtedly the other has chosen this opportunity to move also. Again you are overloaded by the situation and again must regain your courage. You move again, and once more the other moves along with you. Frozen again. You move quickly this time, before the other has regained composure, and move past. Thus ends "The Awkward Moment."

If you haven't caught on yet i am talking about walking in a hallway. You know that moment when you are walking down the hallway and you are about to run into someone and you both move the same direction to avoid the other person. BAM!!!!! Awkward moment. I really hate that feeling. Both people know that they need to move but neither one wants to be the first to go, but without fail you both choose the same moment to move and you both stop again. This can happen 2, 3 maybe even 4 times if you are really unlucky.

This may seem really random to you but i walk a crowded hallway everyday.

I have recently (say, 2 weeks) started just going for it. Here is what i decided:

1) People often feel that this is rude to simply cut someone off. I disagree. In the event of an Awkward Moment you have both already essentially cut the other person off. When you stop, it is because you think that you will hit the other person if you continue. the other person, thinking the same thing also stops. If you continue walking instead of stopping,that other person will still have the same reaction and you will pass by unhindered.

2) Always go right. If we are going to stop the Awkward Moment from controlling our lives we must set rules of engagement. When you walk down the hallway, stairs, street you typically walk on the right hand side. This is to say you should always be on the right side of people, and so if you are going to make the move to simply carry on through with your movement then go right. If this is flipped in your country then you should probably go left.

3)Be decisive. This has to be a conscious decision and one that you don't hesitate on. If you hesitate that other person may think faster than you expect and keep going that direction causing an actual collision or a close proximity Awkward Moment and that is even worse

OK serious time over. I have been doing this for about 2 weeks and i have yet to have an Awkward Moment and it has been pretty awesome. So what do you say? Join me in this initiative to stamp out the Awkward Moment.

Oh and i have pictures from a reader for the priest section of my CC guide that i will be throwing in, probably tomorrow, along with a section about silences so go check it out and leave some feedback.

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